EOMAC Social Bike Ride through Niagara Falls

For the past few years we have been joining a group of swimming, fun and food addicts in a bike ride from Niagara on the Lake to the Falls and back. The scenery of the area, the climbing of that gigantic hill to see Sir Isaac Brock and sometimes take a picture or two with the groom and the bride is just part of the regular trip.

Lunch at the Golf course, a stop at the Floral Clock right at noon and of course having someone like Dieter come along is what makes the trip special. In case you do not know he is one of the Club’s icons. He can prove to all of us that perseverance is the recipe to follow. With his million dollar femur and a hip replacement, the bike ride was just a smoke of the pipe for him!

To wrap it up it takes an ice cream in quaint Niagara on the Lake with all its charm and some roadside fresh fruit shopping on the way home.

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