Meets, Events, Heat, …. What is this?

Lost & Found at Brantford Meet – Meets, Events, Heat, …. What is this?
By: Aziz Mohamed


I always loved to swim. I learned swimming in a River in Bardera ( a small town in Somalia, East Africa). Those days we did not have swimming lessons, bathing suits, goggles, etc. Every kid had to learn and teach how to swim. For us swimming was a skill to be mastered in order to survive during the hot months to cool off in the river. Swimming was not in our list of sports – No Meets, Events or Heat to worry about.

Proud Member

I was encouraged by a member of EOMAC by the name Ian Macdonald to join a masters swimming club and improve my swimming techniques I am a proud brand new member! I joined the EOMAC in middle of September 09 after having my name on the waiting list for more than a year. I have done some research about the masters swimming clubs. I found EOMAC has experienced Coaches and environment for me to challenge myself and improve my swimming skills.

Just Show Up ! Three Words of Encouragement by our Head Coach Brent Aquino

From day one, I felt welcome by every one. I would like to thank every one who took the time to welcome me, to answer some questions and made me feel at home. Special many thanks and appreciation to our Head Coach Brent Aquino for his encouragement to try out at Brantford meet and for his regular guidance and feedback. I was planning to come during the meet so that I could familiarize myself with the process of attending meets. However, Brent was successful in persuading me to participate and have fun. To be honest, I was very nervous during the last 24 hours before the Meet. I drove to Brantford with a friend of mine who was kind enough to come all the way to see me confused and lost at the beginning. I was lucky I was found quickly by EOMAC members and showed me how to read the charts of Events, Heats, etc.

Pleasant Experience

Brantford was overall a pleasant experience for me despite having goggles falling off, having team photo with my T-shirt worn upside down. It was worthwhile going and showing up. I am glad I attended the Brantford meet not only that I have one meet under my belt and some swimming performance numbers beside my name, but the whole experience was fun and rewarding. The next meet I know what Events and Heats are. I look forward to having the opportunity one day to welcome a new member to the club and to his/her first meet – just the way I was welcomed by Brent, Rob, Julie and all EOMAC members. Thank you very much.

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