Wine and Cheese party

Our members got together on Saturday Feb. 20th for our annual wine & cheese party.  Many thanks go to our gracious hosts Christiane and her husband Alain, who allowed us to use their lovely home.  Our social director Al supplied a wonderful spread of snacks to enjoy with the various wines our members shared.  Christiane remarked that now she knows how easy it is to host one of our parties, she’ll host more.  Looks like our perennial hosts Bud & Graciela will have some competition.  Charlie provided some extra entertainment, not because he drank too much wine, but because he helped put together a slideshow of some of the pictures he’s always taking at our events.  Kalis, who had to miss the party because she was recovering from her second hip replacement surgery, got a phone call from the party-goers wishing her a speedy recovery!
P1000939 P1000938 P1000941_edited-1 P1000934 P1000933

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