Records fall at Long Course meet

World’s Warmup Meet Results, June 27th:
Charlie Lane:

Probably our tiniest meet ever, but many good results despite the short rest between events.

Only 22 members swam, exactly half the total swimmers but many other members worked the meet.
Kudos to Steve Goodwin- meet manager, Al Cox- social director, Juli Petrone & Rob Novak- coaches.

Individual honours- 13 ER’s (Etobicoke Records) by 8 members
John Twohig (new member)- 3 ER’s!
Cindy & Tineke Bertelink, Charlie Lane- 2 ER’s each
Liz Dineen, David Goodwin, Chris Nagy, Bud Seawright- 1 ER each

Relay honours- 6 ER’s including 2 CR’s (Canadian Records), 3 OR’s (Ontario Records), and…still waiting to hear if maybe 1 or 2 WR’s (World Records)!
ER, OR, CR- Mixed 100+ 800m free- Cindy Bertelink, Stephen Kesler, Anna Orzechowska, Chris Nagy.
ER, OR, CR- Mixed 120+ 800m medley- Steve Sweetman, Mark Forsyth, Anna O, Cindy B
ER, OR- Men 160+ 800m free- Mark F, Michael Macpherson, Bud Seawright, Tom Naylor
ER- Men 160+ 400m free- Michael M, Mark F, David Goodwin, Tom N
ER- Mixed 100+ 200m medley- David G, Cindy B, Anna O, Stephen K
ER- Mixed 100+ 400m medley- Stephen K, Cindy B, Anna O, Chris N

Well done swimmers and thanks to all who volunteered their time.

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