Semi-Serious VIII Meet Full Results

The full results for the Semi-Serious VIII meet are now available here.

Unique Situation

We hosted the only GTA-area meet this fall, hence the big turnout of 230 swimmers from 25 clubs. This forced us to double-end our meet to save time, and fortunately Steve was able to supply 20 top officials to run both ends smoothly and efficiently. Despite the same-day scheduling of a major age-group meet being held in Brantford we were able to attract top-flight officials. Meet Manager Brian acknowledged them all with token honoraria for their considerable efforts.

Still some Semi-Serious

Steve had to shorten his fun events due to the 3pm time limit on our lunch room but many swimmers still appreciated his efforts to keep the fun part in our meet

Great Effort

Great effor by all our members. We had at least 78 members or replacements involved with timing, reception, awards or food duties including 38 of us who swam.

Huge Luncheon Spread

So many choices of hot and cold options! The only scarce item was chairs to sit on. For sure nobody left hungry this time. Kudos to Carole and her team.

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