Worlds 2014 Report

EOMAC’s best meet of the year was at Montreal for the FINA World Masters Championships. Our club had a great time at worlds, we had 30 members competing with over 6,000 swimmers from 97 countries. This was a whole team effort involving swimmers from all the lanes and all the age groups in individual events and also team relays which were the most fun of all. Many of our swimmers were attending their first-ever Worlds meet and they all enjoyed the experience immensely despite the crowds and a few nervous stomachs.

Here is a summary of our results:

Top 10 Medal Winners

Kalis Rasmussen
3 Gold, 2 Silver, and 1 – 4th place, 6 Canadian Records (CR) and 3 more Ontario Records (OR)
Sylvia Eisele
5 Gold, and 3 CR
Cindy Bertelink
3 Gold, 2 Silver, 3 CR and 2 OR
Al Statkevicius
1 Silver, and 1 – 4th place
Laura McClemont
1 -5th place, and 1 – 6th place
Charlie Lane
1 – 6th place and 1 – 8th place
Michelle Tapson
2 – 7th place
Tineke Bertelink
1 – 7th place
Anita Billing
1 – 7th place (diving)
320+ Mixed Relay (Kalis Rasmussen, Sylvia Eisele, Charlie Lane, Brian Sheridan)
1 Gold, 1 Silver, and 1 CR

New Records

16 Members set 56 new club, provincial or national records. Club records were set by: Tineke Bertelink (4), Chris Nagy (4), Charlie Lane (4), Michelle Tapson (3), Al Statkevicius (3), Brian Sheridan (3), Marcela de Laat (2), Laura McClemont (2), Susan Strickland (2), Michael Macpherson (2), Mirko Petrov (2), Cindy Bertelink (1), Mark Forsyth (1), Tom Naylor (1).

5 EOMAC relays also set new club records including 1 Cdn record. Club records were set by: 320 mixed medley (Kalis, Sylvia, Chas, Brian), 120 mixed medley (Michelle T, Mirko P, Cindy B, Al S), 120 women freestyle (Marcela de L, Michelle T, Lindsay Watt, Cindy B), 160 men medley (Michael M, Mirko P, Nick Foster, Tom N).

A special hooray for our 6 rookie members who swam their hearts out, left it all in the pool every time they swam, and helped us tremendously with our team effort especially on the relays. Thanks go to Chris de Laat, Faith Lee, Teryn Lottamoza, Lindsay Watt, Diane Brisebois and Harold Henning.

It was truly a week of fun, fitness and friendship, as the Masters motto says it best.

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