Head Coach’s Program Philosophy

If you missed the AGM presentation by our new head coach, Luis Escobar. Here is a brief synopsis of his program philosophy (feel free to ask him for more details):

The program is based on 4 pillars:

  1. Fitness: to provide the swimmers with the opportunity to challenge their swimming abilities
  2. Competitiveness: Help enhance the competitive culture of the club by giving the swimmer the necessary support to achieve a certain goal and “make it official”
  3. Social: contribute with the great social atmosphere the club is very well known for. Stimulate positive attitude. Swimming is the most fun of all sports!
  4. Swimming Culture: is what brings fitness, competitiveness and social together. It encompasses many different components that makes swimming such a unique sport. Such as: understand the swimming language, understand the pace clock, use the pace clock (always time yourself, leave on time, 5 or 10 sec behind, etc.), understand and read properly the different sets, the importance in each set and what is the main part of the set; train together to push each other, adapt and adjust to the different stages of your season

The pyramid of success in swimming

Attitude of Gratitude




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