2011 Barbeque and Awards

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Check out these photos from the annual barbeque and Awards night on June 18th,


EOMAC success at 2011 National Championships

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EOMAC swimmers had some fantastic swims in the 2011 National Masters Swimming Championships in Montreal, May 20-23.

The final tally for EOMAC swimmers is:
Canadian champions (21) as follows:
– Cindy Bertelink (5) 35-39, 50, 200 & 400 Free, 100 Fly, 200 Medley
– Nancy Gribben (4) 40-44, 50, 100 & 200 Back, 200 IM
– Al Statkevicius (3) 35-40, 100 & 200 Free, 200 Breast
– Tineke Bertelink (2) 65-69, 100 & 200 Back
– Chris Nagy (2) 35-39, 50 Fly, 50 Back
– Mike Stelmach (2) 30-34, 100 & 200 Back
– Charlie Lane (2) 70-74, 100 Fly, 400 Medley
– Anna Togias (1), 25-29, 400 Medley

1 Canadian record (Cindy, 400 Free, 35-39, 4:29.17),
6 Ontario records (Cindy 3, Nancy 3),
22 EOMAC records (Cindy 5, Nancy 5, Mike 5, Al 4, Charlie 2, Liz Dineen 1).

EOMAC came 12th out of 122 clubs represented, with 481 points in total.

Full results are available at http://cmsc2011.ca/liveresults/index_us.html.

Well done everyone!

EOMAC Try Meet results, May 8, 2011

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Lots of new records, World (WR), Ontario (OR) and club (ER) were set at the Try meet on May 8th!
MORE GREAT SWIMS FROM OUR AMAZING VISITOR Lynn Marshall, to add to her growing list of World Records in this her 50th year.
WR- 200 fly, women 50-54- 2:28.08- Lynn Marshall- CAPS
OR- 100 free, women 50-54- 1:02.75- Lynn Marshall- CAPS

11 CLUB RECORDS AND 4 ONTARIO RECORDS broken or set by EOMAC swimmers

3 OR’s and 3 ER’s for Ron Armstrong- 60-64
-OR/ER-100 free- 1:03.81, was 1:13.13/2006, OR was 1:04.40
-OR/ER-100 IM- 1:14.54, was 1:16.12/2011, OR was 1:14.73
-OR/ER-200 IM- 2:43.64, was 2:51.38/2011, OR was 2:49.76

1 OR and 2 ER’s for Dawn Babin- 60-64
-50 back- 43.07, was 43.19/2011
-OR/ER-100 back- 1:33.42, was 1:39.88/2011, OR was 1:34.47

2 for Al Statkevicius- 35-39
-200 free- 2:03.55, was 2:05.22/2011
-100 breast- 1:11.83, was 1:12.65/2011

1 for Nancy Gribben- 40-44
-50 back- 34.52, was 36.01/2005

1 for Colleen Shields- 60-64
-400 IM- 7:19.89, was 7:55.29/CR in 1990

1 for Dieter Teschner- 70-74
-200 back- 3:43.46, A NEW CLUB RECORD!

1 relay ER for David Goodwin, Al Statkevicius, Mike Stelmach, Chris Nagy
-men 120+ 400m medley relay- 4:16.97 just 3sec away from a CR, was 4:35.97/1999

The full results are as follows:

eomac try-meet(1)

EOMAC Successes at All Out Meet

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U of T pool, Long Course, April 16, 2011.

9 ER’s, club records…..

All 14 members swam well and enjoyed the extra pain and suffering that goes with LC competition.

ER honours were earned by….
2 for Liz Dineen – improved her own records in 50 and 100 back, and came within a second of another in 200 back.
2 for Anna Orzechowska – smashed the 14-yr old 200 IM club record and set the 400 IM record for her age group.
2 for Colleen Shields – took down one of Sylvia’s oldest records from 1990 in 100 back, and demolished the 800 free mark from 10yrs ago.
1 big one for Anna Togias – at the very end of the meet Anna eclipsed our 400 IM record destroying a time set 23yrs ago when little Anna was just 2yrs old!
1 huge monkey off Charlie’s back – set the 100 fly record for his age group.
1 for our girls 100+ medley 200m relay- Liz D, Anna T, Anna O, and Allison Tipler- beating a 9-yr old ER done at one of the London winter meets.
Best swims also by Carole Konstantinou, Marina Silverio, Jean-Marc Civalleri, Steve Sorocky, Al Stratton, Jay Yoo and Hugues Dionne.
All 14 earned ribbons incl many 1sts, 2nds, 3rds.

EOMAC Guest Policy

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Guests may be welcome to swim at a regularly scheduled Monday, Friday or Sunday workout if there is sufficient space to accommodate them, to a maximum of 5 swims per swim year (Sept-Aug). Guests are not normally allowed to swim in our Wednesday workouts as that is the busiest workout of the week, Guests will be expected to provide the following:

  1. A completed waiver for insurance purposes to the coach on deck prior to entering the water and
  2. A brief summary of your swimming experience and an average pace time (for example your pace time for a 50 free) for lane placement purposes.

Notice of your intention to visit a workout is required at eomacmembership@gmail.com.

2011 Provincial Championships

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EOMAC swimmers had some great results in the Provincial Masters Swim Championships in Nepean, March 25-27, 2011.

Here is Mark Cutajar’s personal account:

A small but enthusiastic team attended the 2011 Provincial Championships in Nepean/Ottawa this year.
Right from the car pooling confusion, the weekend had all the makings of a memorable and fun swim meet.
There were all the typical problems from rearranging relays and having to go pee while wearing swim suits designed by engineers not to come off, the coaches and swimmers alike found ways to sort them out.
EOMAC may not have been a very large team, but what we lacked in numbers the team made up in medals. Ryan Lochte also provided support and a watchful eye on the ladies. I think some even compared his looks to mine  – lucky guy!
There were many notable swims during the weekend as well. Cindy parting the water like a biblical event (with or without goggles), while Mark F. despite a slow start, showed his backstroke aint too bad. Carole K. finishing 100 fly with every ounce of strength she could muster, while Anna O. flew (literally) over 200 meters. Al Stratton came well prepared and it showed while Ibraham didn’t let goggles or lack of stop the nuclear engineer. Carole C. doing the ‘jiggy’ several times after realizing she won a medal while Ryan showed me how to swim a 200 and destroy the Gators ‘muscle man’ over the last 25 meters. Big Al winning the 200 free over a very powerful and fast group and Colleen just missing the 50 back provincial record (she made it up in several other events though). Mike Stelmach (who you ask) almost brought the roof down anchoring a relay but didn’t let that stop his dominance all weekend and Kalis despite being under the weather continued her inspiring determination. Which brings us to the least memorable…Anna T. kicked in the eye during warm-up – battered and bruised, it may have just sparked the “beat Bigalow” at all costs movement (to be continued @ Nationals so plan on being there). But alas the veteran Charlie determined to win took up the challenge and swam 250 meters of a 4 x 200 relay; Simon didn’t mind only having to swim 150 meters. My part in the meet may have been a little controversial; convincing (or confusing just enough) the Official not to DQ Charlie’s now famous relay and just as confusing, convincing the timers the Official said it was okay, and finally my 50 back in under 30 seconds; thanks M.S. And who else but Nicole would drive 400k to swim a 400 all the while cheering on the entire team and making us laugh!
While most of the team enjoyed their modest accommodations, some of the ritzy folk took up residence in downtown Ottawa and were not about to just sit around.
Masters should be more than just swimming, and a small group really took this to heart at an after party. ‘Revs’ and ‘Lemondrops’ were consumed and a plan to sabotage the North Toronto team may have backfired eh Chantal?! Liz danced up and down the stairs while Marcela crawled to victory. Chris showed off his metals to the ladies all the while Carole K. demonstrated to the ‘kids’ how it’s really done. Might add that despite the late night partying, the group still kicked Masters butt!
So thanks to everyone for a great weekend. Our coaches didn’t miss a swim even with a hectic schedule, still covered the entire meet from beginning to end.
On to Nationals in May which should be a much more serious and focused meet…just kidding; bring on the revs and lemondrops!!

2011 Ontario Masters Swim Championships

Mental Preparation

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Catch for Free

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New coach appointed

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EOMAC would like to welcome Coach Ted Murphy to the EOMAC coaching staff. Ted is also the National Development Coach for Etobicoke Swimming.
Ted swam with the Cascade Swim Club in Calgary from 1988 to 1996, and for Texas Christian University from 1992 to 1997. He competed in the Olympic Trials 1992-1996.
He began coaching for the Fort Worth Area Swim Team as Masters coach in 1997, and coached Masters and Age group there until 2001. He then returned to Canada and has coached with the Cascade Swim Club, Calgary; Calgary Masters Swim Club – Mid Morning Masters; Foothills Stingrays Head Coach, Okotoks, Alberta, and worked for a couple of years with Team Aquatic Supplies as a Sales Associate.
He joined Etobicoke Swimming in 2010.

Million Metre Challenge – February

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Four EOMAC swimmers were in the top 20 Masters swimmers in Canada in terms of metres logged for February! Anna Togias was 7th with 88.5K metres, followed closely by Ryan Vande Vooren, 8th with 88K metres, Bud Seawright, 14th with 82K metres and Cindy McLeish, 18th with 73K metres.
The club total for EOMAC was 1.543 million metres logged, second amongst all masters swim clubs in Canada. 73 current members have logged more than 100,000 metres in total and 30 of them have logged more than 1 million metres.